History of JATEX™ company

Tradition - We have an experience, that was handed down from generation to generation

The region of Bielsko-Biała has specialized in the textile industry since the 19th century. It has been the second main centre of textile industry in Poland, after Lodz. JATEX company, which is located in the Bielsko-Biała county, gets its knowledge from many generations of textile worker experts, who handed down their experience to new generations.


Quality and reputation - We use certified materials to provide you with the best products

The business was established in 2005. From the beginning we focus on the fact, that our products satisfy the highest quality standards and meet customer requirements. This is the reason why we keep a close watch to ensure that our products are made from certified materials of the highest quality.


Technology - We use certified materials to provide you with the best products

Continuing traditions we have closely supervised the development of technologies and invested in proved machines and devices for years. It allows us to create all kinds of haberdashery produced by weaving, knitting and braiding, in a wide range of sizes and colours, such as webbings, elastics, cords and many others.


Potential - We use certified materials to provide you with the best products

A young dynamically operating and constantly developing team, focused on realising tasks enables  us to meet customers’ expectations. Combined with our traditions in provides us with competitive advantage. We act in line with the idea: present us your problem and we will provide you with a solution.


Flexibility - We evolve and adjust to fit your demands

Since we act on many markets, we are still looking for new solutions, which will fulfil new needs of our clients. Experience and cooperation with different branches enable us to create new trends. Through the contact with customers we have learnt how to improve our products constantly.