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A new ornamental trend – rep tapes

16/11/2016 1:22 pm Wojciech Lindert

Zastosowanie taśmy rypsowej

The end of the year is a period of various trade events in many businesses. This happens also in the furniture industry, which is one of the biggest targets of JATEX products. The largest furniture design fairs take place in November. These include fairs as: ORGATEC in Cologne (Germany), DOMOTEX in Hanover (Germany), imm cologne in Cologne (Germany) and Maison & Objet in Paris (France). The furniture displayed at this fairs create design trends for the forthcoming months. This is the reason why leading furniture companies are diligently preparing for them and they are extremely relevant to them. This preparations start in advance. In order to stay in the lead, companies start to develop new models for the next trade fairs, after returning from the previous edition. 

The production of furniture is a multi-stage process: starting with initial designs of furniture, followed by selecting appropriate raw materials and material tests, until prototyping. Before the prototype goes into continued production, it will be amended and corrected. JATEX is trying to be with furniture producers from the outset, i.e. the design stage. For this purpose we establish contacts with design offices and furniture designers. During conversations with designers the topic of narrow woven fabrics with rep weave, which should have high strength parameters without losing its aesthetic values emerged. After a market analysis it turned out, that a tape, which fulfils such conditions is not available in large-scale marketing. Admittedly, there are tapes with
a specified weave available, but their strength remains much to be desired and it does not respond to the needs of furniture industry. This situation has led JATEX to develop tapes of parameters that will satisfy our clients. After tests and discussions with clients we managed to create a rep tape, which fulfils the criteria laid down by the producers. The rep tape produced by JATEX is very thick, making it resistant to lateral loads and appears in a wide choice of colourways. Thanks to the application of a characteristic weave, the tape can be applied to visible furniture components, such as sofa cushion and chairs, where it has an ornamental function.

Furniture designers see in decorative rep tapes an emergent trend in the furniture design. The upcoming faire trades will be an excellent exam for this type of adornment. Everything seems to indicate that after the trade fairs rep tapes are going to be a part of ornamental constituents of upholstery furniture and will be used in mass production. 

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