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Carrying handles - competitive advantage in the window woodwork industry

20/12/2016 11:44 am Sabina Głogowska

Uchwyty transportowe - przewaga nad konkurencją w branży stolarki okiennej

By identifying the needs of window woodwork distributers, we have developed a product, which shall facilitate the transport and the installation of windows significantly.

Being a woven fabrics producer, we have found new applications of webbings, which are in our regular production. Until now backpack, furniture and pushchair producers supplied their businesses with it. After applying some additional activities, we have developed a new product and reached window woodwork producers.  

Uchwyt transportowy

In the production process, windows are transported by trucks, suction cups etc. Webbings, that are cut hot in suitable lengths work perfectly during moving and transporting of windows; after the installation of the pad and screw, of course. The assembly procedure is very easy. The handle is screwed into the window frame during the productions process and remains there after the installation of the window, not requiring dismantling. Firstly, it is a very cheap way of transport. Moreover, it is a great tribute to assemblers because they are using this element. It does not require any additional actions, but it is a simplification that provides vast benefits. At industrial scale various window transportation methods are used (cranes etc.), however it is an easy and cheap solution for individual consumer. It is a crucial element for window distributors, who aiming at working comfort of assemblers choose the best solution – a product with a fixed handle. 



The handle can be made from woven polypropylene tapes or polyester tapes in the preferred width. The length of the loop, which is tailored to the clients’ needs, is not without significance in this scope. We offer standard 40 cm, as well as longer, applied for greater loads – 60cm. To increase the resistance of the handle, an involution of the loops’ end has been applied and the screw has been secured by four layers of the webbing. We offer our clients in the window industry webbings in parts, which are cut hot, along with a hole, where the screw is intended to be fixed by oneself in the production process. 

Carrying handles used in the initial period, especially in the transport of PVC windows, became applicable in garage doors or window roller shutters over time. We are still looking for new product applications. Maybe you will find an application for handles in your business. 


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