Polyproplylene carrying handles

Handles are made from polypropylene woven tapes with a preferred width and loop size, with the set: pad and screw. Depending on the application the product can be adapted to different needs 

commodity index  width (mm) loop size (mm) fixing
UT-20-202-40W1 20 400 pad, screw 3,9/25 mm
UT-25-202-40W1 25 400 pad, screw 3,9/25 mm
UT-25-202-40W2 25 400 pad, screw 3,9/19 mm
UT-25-202-56W1 25 560 pad, screw 3,9/25 mm

PACKAGING 250/500 pcs.


Strengthened polyester carrying handles 

The handle is made from a 19 mm polyester tape, used to secure heavy loads, which owes its high resistance to twined polyester fibres, typically woven lengthwise; the handle has a loop 60 cm in length, with an involute end, which is increasing the products resistance, a pad and a strengthened  screw

commodity index  width  (mm) loop size (mm) fixing
UT-20-101-60W3 20 600 pad, screw 4,2/25 mm



A webbing is a tape woven from polypropylene yarn, available in any width, in meterage and in defined lengths. It is possible to make a hole, which will facilitate the mounting of the screw. It is packed on reels or rollers.

Size 20/25/30/40/50 mm

PACKAGING 50/100/250 rm